Basic pages for your Blogger


Create free basic pages for your Blogger blog in order to be accepted into AdSense

Congratulations on your decision to expand into online publishing and look for earning opportunities through Google's AdSense program. 

But before you apply

To be accepted into the AdSense program, you must ensure that your site meets the basic requirements for acceptance. 

Below is a list of preferred core pages

Place it on your site to increase your chances of acceptance into the AdSense program:

About US

provides information about the organization, company, or individual behind the website. It often includes details such as the history, mission, values, team members, and any other relevant information that helps visitors understand who or what the website represents. In the context of a personal webpage, the "About Us" section would likely contain information about you, the individual for whom the webpage is created. This could include details about your background, interests, achievements, and anything else you'd like to share with visitors to your webpage.

Contact Us 

Your website should have a contact page that provides ways to get in touch, such as email, and perhaps a direct contact form.

Privacy Policy:

Create a privacy policy page to explain how data is collected and used on your site. Make sure to include the privacy policy in the main menu.

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Terms and Conditions:

Creating basic pages for free for a Blogger blog in order to be accepted into AdSense 

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