100% your site accepted in Google AdSense


100% your site accepted in Google AdSense 

Finally, an exclusive way to get your site accepted into Google AdSense, 100% Google AdSense

How to get your site accepted for AdSense

First, when creating a blog on Blogger or WordPress, you must know that

Your articles must be exclusive, at least 500 words per article, and use images that are not protected by copyright.

At least before applying for AdSense, you must have 40 articles.

The site must have at least a month or two of construction, and we also talk about the domain

It is important that you submit your site to the Google search console.

This helps your site to be recognized by AdSense and to know that it is yours

Place the robots.txt and ads.txt files, this is a very important adware

You must add social media sites and website sections.

You must write content that meets the AdSense conditions and must not contain immoral content. 

You must also not write about hacking or anything similar.

You must obtain legitimate visits to your site and not less than 20,000 visits to your blog for your site to be accepted for AdSense. 

There must be no non-working links in it.

The website must contain main pages such as the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us pages

Everything I said previously about what your site must contain to be accepted for AdSense.

When applying for AdSense you must:

First, your site must be opened without www, for example money4goood.com

When submitting the site to AdSense, the code or code found in AdSense must be placed on the site

Here are the things that most people don't do:

When submitting your site to AdSensefana, you must add or change the form, sections, or pages. 

This is an important note. Change to the site is never the same. Just do it.

Publish articles normally.

Of course, you must add automatic ads here before you do it. 

You must prevent ads from appearing on the main pages by taking every link when activating it.

Automatic ads show you a box telling you to add excluded pages.

Upon acceptance, you can change whatever you want on your site.