Free Online Courses With Certificates


Alison offers free online certificates in a number of high-demand industries, including business, health, information technology, and others.

Some of our most popular certificates include training in project management, computer skills,  IT, nutrition, and fitness. Check out a couple of our top online certificate programs.

An online certificate program is considered postsecondary, non-degree training. Generally speaking, online certificates focus less on broad-based education and more on subject-specific learning. Historically, certificates were often offered in conjunction with skilled crafts and trades such as carpentry, plumbing, or welding. Today, a wide variety of professions offer--or require--certificates, including accounting, education, healthcare, and technology. Earning an online certificate can also supplement or jump-start academic learning and provide opportunities for personal development.

At Alison, each free online certificate program focuses on a single, in-depth area of study, providing a solid understanding of a core subject. All of our certificates are offered in a self-paced format and are designed to be completed in two to three hours.

Individuals generally get an online certificate in order to achieve professional or personal development goals.
Professionally, an online certificate might be right for you if:

● Your employer indicates you need it to meet the requirements of your current job.
● You wish to boost your skills in a particular area in order to earn a promotion.
● You’re starting a business or looking to make a career transition and want to gain marketable skills.

Personally, an online certificate program might be right for you if:
● You want to improve your skills in areas such as communication or negotiation.
● You are seeking knowledge or strategies to enhance your well-being through improved health, relationships, etc.
● You would like to satisfy your curiosity or round out learning in a field that interests you.

Online certificates offer a number of advantages when it comes to accessibility, flexibility, and affordability. At Alison, you can explore certificate programs from a place and at a pace that is convenient for you. Our certificates are absolutely free to study, and upon completion, you can choose to download an official certificate as proof of your achievement. Unlike traditional educational institutions, our certificate programs do not run on a semester or quarter system, so you can get started learning for free whenever and wherever you want.