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Access is restricted strictly on a need to know basis. All our transcribers are under NDA.

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Our browser based editor allows you to quickly verify the transcript and make changes

99%+ Accuracy

Our 4-step transcription process is designed to achieve a 99%+ accuracy, consistently.


We also provide SRT/VTT files, strict verbatim transcripts, audio time coding, BITC, start/end time, etc.

Scribie is an online transcription service that converts audio and video files into text. Here's how Scribie works:

1. **Upload Files:**
   Users upload their audio or video files to the Scribie platform. These files can be recordings of interviews, meetings, lectures, podcasts, or any other spoken content that needs to be transcribed.

2. **File Processing:**
   Once the files are uploaded, they enter Scribie's queue for processing. Scribie assigns the files to human transcribers who listen to the audio or video recordings and transcribe them into text.

3. **Transcription Process:**
   Human transcribers listen to the audio or video recordings carefully and type out the spoken content word-for-word. Transcribers ensure accuracy and clarity in the transcription, including proper punctuation and formatting.

4. **Quality Check:**
   After transcription, Scribie employs a quality check process to review the accuracy and completeness of the transcribed text. Quality checkers verify that the transcription meets Scribie's standards for accuracy and readability.

5. **Time Stamps and Speaker Identification:**
   Scribie also offers options for time stamping and speaker identification. Time stamps indicate the exact timing of each segment of the audio or video file, while speaker identification labels different speakers in the transcription.

6. **Proofreading and Editing:**
   Some transcription projects may undergo additional proofreading and editing to ensure the highest quality. This may involve reviewing the transcribed text for any errors or inconsistencies and making necessary corrections.

7. **Delivery:**
   Once the transcription is complete and any additional services, such as time stamps and speaker identification, are added, Scribie delivers the finished transcript to the user. Users typically receive the transcript via email or can download it directly from the Scribie platform.

8. **Payment and Pricing:**
   Scribie operates on a pay-per-minute pricing model. Users are charged based on the duration of the audio or video file being transcribed. The pricing may vary depending on the specific services requested, such as time stamping and speaker identification.

9. **Customer Support:**
   Scribie provides customer support to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have during the transcription process. Users can reach out to Scribie's support team via email or through the platform's help center.

10. **Security and Confidentiality:**
    Scribie takes security and confidentiality seriously. The platform implements measures to ensure the privacy and security of users' audio or video files and the transcribed content. Scribie's transcribers are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect the confidentiality of the content they transcribe.

Overall, Scribie offers a convenient and reliable solution for individuals and businesses seeking accurate transcription services for their audio and video files. With its combination of human transcribers, quality checks, and additional services, Scribie aims to deliver high-quality transcriptions to its users in a timely manner.