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YouGov is a global public opinion and data company that primarily conducts surveys to gauge public sentiment and attitudes on various topics including politics, economics, culture, and consumer behavior.

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Here's a general overview of how YouGov works:

  1. Survey Creation:

  2. ouGov designs surveys based on specific topics or research objectives. These surveys can cover a wide range of subjects, including politics, current events, brands, and consumer preferences.

  3. Sampling and Recruitment:

  4. YouGov recruits panelists from various demographic groups to participate in surveys. Panelists are individuals who have voluntarily signed up to be part of YouGov's panel and are willing to participate in surveys regularly.

  5. Survey Distribution:

  6. Surveys are distributed to panelists through various channels, including email invitations, social media, and the YouGov website. Panelists are typically selected based on demographic criteria to ensure a representative sample.

Personal data we may collect:

Personal identifiers, such as your email address and postcode;
Demographic data, such as your age, gender, and general economic and household information;
Information you share with us when you participate in surveys and other research activities – this information could be in the form of survey responses, data passively collected from your device, or data you have chosen to upload;
Video and audio recordings of any qualitative (in-person) research you agree to take part in;
Any personal data that you may provide about yourself when you communicate with us;
Device and browser “metadata” (an audit trail of your device and browser use, which is collected automatically when you interact with us);
Information through the use of cookies and similar technologies; and
Your bank account or other payment details so we can pay you if you choose to redeem your points in cash.

  1. Data Collection:

  2. Panelists complete surveys online at their convenience. Surveys can vary in length and complexity, ranging from short opinion polls to longer research studies.

  3. Data Analysis:

  4. Once the surveys are completed, YouGov aggregates and analyzes the data to identify trends, patterns, and insights. YouGov employs statistical methods to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable.

  5. Reporting and Insights:

  6. YouGov provides reports and insights based on the survey findings to clients, including businesses, government agencies, media organizations, and academic institutions. These insights help clients make informed decisions and understand public opinion on specific issues.

When you join YouGov we will use the information you provide us to create your YouGov account, and you will automatically be enrolled in our rewards program. We award “points” for completing surveys and other research opportunities that you are invited to participate in. The number of points awarded for each completed activity will depend on a number of factors, such as time required and the volume and/or type of information you will be asked to provide.

Once you have reached the minimum number of points required (which you can see on your Account page) you may redeem your points for cash, gift certificates, or other rewards that we may offer. You can withdraw from the rewards program by no longer participating in YouGov surveys, and/or deleting your account (see the ‘Your rights’ section for more information).

  1. Custom Research:

  2. In addition to syndicated surveys, YouGov also offers custom research services where clients can commission tailored surveys to address their specific research objectives.

Overall, YouGov's approach combines technology, data analytics, and expertise in public opinion research to provide valuable insights into the opinions and attitudes of people around the world.